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Our next outing is May 5th. We LEAVE the church at 9:00 am and we'll be back around 3:30 pm. Bring about $15.

Part of the Mystery Lunch Bunch experience is trying to solve the mystery about our destinations.

Here are the clues for this trip:


This will be the first time to wear your new shirts,

And you're gonna eat today until your shirt hurts!

First, we have a stop at a favorite Oklahoma spot,

We get a personal tour like a celebrity big shot!


The director gave us a special place for bus parking,

It's better on your feet, don’t want those dogs barking!

There's really not much walking, there's an elevator too.

You can trust me by now, After all that we've been through !


It's one-eighty degrees from the place where we start,

We're going to the place where one responds with the heart.

Most don't need the dial to find their way there,

And the last time you went, you didn’t have silver hair!


The memories will flood in -- and I'll create quite a few,

'Cause this time on the bus, we have something to do!

Everyone can do it, you'll want to, you'll see…

It's the Lord you'll experience, it's Him and not me!


Bring enough moolah to eat a Good Lunch,

We always eat well with the Mystery Lunch Bunch!

Smoking is actually permitted on this special outing,

Only if your name is Joe, lest you hear me shouting!


We might even stop and get a dessert on our way back,

Or We can get it to eat later for a nice evening snack!

From the ratio of the circumference to the line across the middle,

Filled with sweet tasty stuff if you figure out this riddle!


Come on and go with us, you've got time and no excuses,

You'll enjoy the trip, the food, and the fellowship it produces!

As always, bring a friend, they are always welcome too,

It’s not just this trip, but Heaven we look forward to!

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